Thursday, June 27, 2013

Panera and a Fish Dish

Lunch was actually long overdue. I got crabby as all hell before realizing I was mostly hungry. Panera to the rescue! I live right next to Panera so it's convienent and a bit scary. I found that they have a "hidden menu" that's lower carb so I hit that up!

I got the "Power Hummus Chicken Bowl".   Which was really good. I loved the lemon and underneath all the deliciousness you see there is a big handful of baby spinach. Very good lunch! (Come on Panera, now it's your turn to send me some coupons LOL!)

Dinner was okay. Not the best in my opinion. We had some Cod in the freezer, so I made parmesan cod. On the side theres an arugula romaine salad with a dressing of franks red hot and plain yogurt, and roasted green beans and carrots. That was my favorite part. I feel satisfied though and like I made some very good decisions today.

I think watermelon is calling my name! See you guys tomorrow :)

What was you dinner? Do you like fish, any good Cod recipes?


  1. Ooh, might have to check out this secret menu! I like using cod for fish tacos or over a bed of quinoa.

    1. I totally felt like a panera pro :) I love your Cod ideas!! Fish Tacos are awesome!


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