Thursday, June 27, 2013

Chocolate Espresso Yogurt

I love breakfast! Today's breakfast was watermelon, sprouted grain bread with natural peanut butter and strawberries and last but not least Chcolate Espresso Yogurt yum!
This yogurt mix I thought would be yummy because I didn't feel like drinking my coffee this morning. In fact, I wanted to try to do two different things this morning. The first was to not have a yogurt berry bowl again and the second was to forgo the iced coffee just to say I could. So I did, but I still got to have some yum flavor a la instant coffee in my yogurt. Plus I added wheat germ, stevia, and cocoa powder.
Turned out great.

I also had a weigh in today, in the last two weeks I've lost 6 pounds..BAM!

Today is my spin day which is my favorite workout. I have to make sure I've eaten enough calories to perform with gusto. Yesterday's run with Marc went well. I really pushed myself to quicken the pace. Hopefully I'll be at least 10 minutes faster than my last 5k!

See you guys later!


  1. Your yogurt sounds yummy! I've discovered I seem to be allergic to stevia, so I have to use honey, but I need to try this!

    1. I have another friend who gets angry when she uses stevia! So interesting. I love honey, I bet maple syrup would be good too if you like maple syrup and/or can use it!


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