Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Hodge Podge

As the title describes, this post is the first in what will more than likely become a series. I decided that instead of showing a post every day I might try one once a week or so. This way I don't overwhelm with posts and you can still see what's going on in my kitchen.

Todays breakfast was a great mix of strawberries (whoa so SWEET this pint was) ezekial bread, smart balance, ham and a over easy egg.  What a great breakfast to wake up to!
Lunch wasn't too shabby either. I concocted a "hot wing salad" with a boneless skinless chicken thigh, baby spinach, baby carrots, feta, franks red hot and a drizzle of blue cheese dressing. I finally figured out that I like blue cheese dressing BUT only at the smallest tiniest drizzle or else it gets too overpowering.
I cheated a little and put some hazelnut creamer in my iced coffee.
Which made me HAPPY!
This was a couple breakfasts ago. We ran out of groceries so I had to figure out what the hell to feed my man for breakfast. Marc is a man of habit which means he has either eggs or cereal for breakfast. I made him toast with neufchatel cheese, stevia, and cinnamon mixed together and raisins on top. Strawbs on the side!  SO GOOD!
Look at my cute strawberry! It has a cutie pie STEM! It made my morning.
Marc loved his breakfast and Bean wanted some too. (I'm sure Marc loves that I put hs bare chest all over the internet. Back off ladies, that's my man! ;)
Last but not least, I forgot about smoothies. I love smoothies!  This mix is plain yogurt, wheat germ, blueberries, strawberries, and water..no judging we were out of milk!
It was especially beautiful!
Ok guys I'm off to work, I'll see you next week with hopefully some more dinner ideas and a recipe or two?!? Depends on if you read and comment..be a good minion now!
Muah XoXo


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